Monday, September 24, 2007

Vancouver Deck Garden

I wake up after a wonderful night with Scott and Judy at a local pub. I am at their home in North Vancouver. For you X-File fans, they used to film many of the scenes from that show, just up the street from here. My biological clock is really out of whack so I am up at 6am. The air is cool and fresh. My brother and his wife have very tall Douglas Fir trees around their property. Once in a while, a wind will gust and a huge branch will come hurtling down. a couple of years ago, this tree dropped a branch and it fell like a spear on the hood of Judy's car. It didn't puncture the metal but it did make a hell of a dent. The insurance company tried to argue that the damage was an act of God. But once Judy explained that the insurance company could expect the wrath of God if the claim was not settled fast, they seemed to see the light and finally did repair her car. They have a great assortment of plants and flowers on their deck railing. I love the smells and colors but my favorite thing is the Buddha you see in the foreground. This has become a common theme in our family gardens. Mom has one near her fishpond. Melbah The Toasty has one on her deck and now I find this same Buddha here. Just a coincidence? I think not.


eileen said...

Gorgeous. Buddha in the garden is better than St. Joseph buried upside down in the garden the way my mother used to when she was trying to sell a home.

Steven said...

Eileen: Now THAT'S a new approach. Buddhists just throw bread to the fishies for that kind of good karma. But whatever works I guess.