Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MBT Desert Trial

From My Recent Journey In India
Jaisalmer, January, 2007
They say 'never judge a man til you walk a mile in his sandals. Nourah walks the whole journey through the desert. He leads the two camels like this for the three days, walking in his old black shoes. After the first day, he shows me one of his shoes. The sole is split open and it has thorns in it. Fortunately I have a second pair of sandals so I give him my best pair to wear for the duration of our trip. The irony is that these are very special sandals. I got them through my friend Vivyan in Toronto Canada. They are MBTs.These shoes were designed by studying the Masai tribe in the African desert. The shoes are bow shaped so that the we must unconsciously adjust our posture to walk straight. It is a total body work out but after a short time it causes you to walk in a healthier way. So here we are in the desert of India and our guide is wearing the exact footwear that was designed by people in his exact situation. They costs about three hundred dollars a pair; the same price as a camel. Nourah loves wearing them and asks if he can keep them, but I have to say no. I do give him my other pair though. It's nice to have been able to give him the gift of comfort for the three day Safari.

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