Friday, September 28, 2007

Vancouver Boat Tour

Vancouver BC, September 18, 2007
After our visit with Amy, we head out to the lake for a day at Scott and Judy's SECRET SPOT. You can torture me to death, you can tear my fingernails out, you can even tear Scott's finger nails out! We will never divulge the location. NEVER!!! Okay, I give up. Here's where we are.
Scott launches the boat at this man-made lake near 'Golden Ears' Park, where I went hiking with Pete last year. A Hydro-electric dam was built here so now this whole area has been submerged. If you were to swim down you would see the trees still there below our boat. We take the boat along the lake for ten minutes until we arrive at the spot that Scott and Judy have dubbed: 'Rattlesnake Point'. Scott and Peter first found this spot 25 years ago when they came canoeing along here. What a great site. We pull out our portable chairs and our packed lunch of beer and sandwiches and just hang out for the afternoon. Finally, around 3pm Scott declares he is going swimming. Judy, in a fit of insanity, agrees to join him. I see that this has become a matter of honor so I put on my swim suit and get ready to swim. Scott dives in first. I see he hasn't had a heart attack from the cold water so I jump in too. It reminds me of the Pool party we had just a few weeks ago at Melbah's. Mike and I jumped in the pool and I screamed like a little girl from the cold water. This water is even colder. Scott remarks that it seems warmer after a few minutes and I point out that it's just hypothermia setting in. Thanks you two, for letting me share this magical day with you.

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