Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jaisalmer Shopping

From my Journey in India
Jaisalmer, January, 2007
After a good sleep in in Jaisalmer Fort, we head out to do some shopping. There are many shops inside the walls of the fort itself.

This is Mr. Yogi. He buys patches from gypsies and then makes them into these pieces. I think he was selling this wall-hanging for about 500 rupees ($13 Canadian). He has travelled all over the world and lived in Europe for many years. I really like the Camel bags. The workmanship is very nice. I bought one myself. It cost 550 rupees ($15 CAD). This is the man who makes them. Here's a little trivia about camels. They are worth the same alive as dead. You can buy a camel at the auction for about $300 CAD. Our friend here owns a great second hand book shop. He was playing some modern Hindu music when we walked in. Aw loved it and he burned a CD of the music for her as a gift. I mention this because it is so refreshing to meet someone here who does something without expecting anything in return. We spend a lot of energy every day just watching out for the people who are always trying to sell us things so this bookstore was an oasis for us. The other thing I really like, is how Aw has a magical way with so many people she meets. They just take an instant liking to her. Even though she is from another country, she fits in very well here.

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