Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jaisalmer Fort

From my recent Journey in India
Jaisalmer, January, 2007
Okay, first, a confession. Lonely Planet says not to stay here in this 500 year-old fort. The sewage system is slowly flushing away the foundation and will eventually destroy it. So the first promise I make to myself as I arrive is: NO MORE PEEING! Three days is really not that long a time if you have discipline. Now on with the story...
Here is the entrance to the Fort. It's the only ancient fort in Rajasthan that still has people living in it. We are let off here and walk up the steep sloping entryway to the inner sanctum.We come to one of the highest points in Jaisalmer Fort. It still has it's canons but I don't think they work. You can see the desert city behind Aw. It's a typical desert area; hot in the day and cold at night. There is very little vegetation here. What I love, is to think that a person looking out from here 400 years ago, saw a very similar sight to what we see now. For Aw, this isn't such a big deal. She is from Thailand; a Kingdom that has been around for almost ten thousand years. But for me, a Canadian, I am very impressed when I see the ancient worlds. Canada is only 140 years old, so this is pretty exciting to see. I get a very good feeling standing here and I look forward to the adventure ahead.

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Anonymous said...

There's been alot of controversy over whether to stay or not stay in the Fort. It's eroding from increased water usage and tourists are contributing to the problem.

Check out this link, it shows the different viewpoints so readers can have more info about this important question.

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