Friday, September 14, 2007

How To Find A Camel Driver

From My Recent Journey In India
Jaisalmer, January, 2007
The reason people come to Jaisalmer is for the Camel Safaris. This is the route we signed up for. It cost us 650 rupees per day plus another 100 rupees each to have beer and chicken with our meals. I'll have some tips for you when we finish the safari. You have to always be thinking of the next part of your journey in India. You can't just hop on a train or bus. You have to decide a few days ahead where you are going next and buy the tickets. I have a view from here that looks over the town from this restaurant in the Fort. I might look impressive to Aw as I pore over these documents but if she know what my family knows; that I have virtually no sense of direction and have only got this far in India by dumb luck, she would be panic. But I'm the MAN. I am supposed to know my way around. Here's a desert riddle for you. 'Why did it take Moses 40 years to bring the chosen people to the Promised Land? Answer: Because even in those days, a man was afraid to ask for directions.'


Anonymous said...


Unless you are pouring a beer over the documents, I believe you meant "pore." Advice from an English Ph.D.--"for free."

Duh. I learned what "we" meant a long time ago but presumed it meant guides.

Now I DO feel foolish.

Steven said...

Ph.D.For Free: I WAS about ready to pour my beer over that book by then. Fortunately the view from that restaurant in the Fort is wonderful. Thanks for the correction.