Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bicycle Bliss

Squiddy, Melbah and Mikee got me a bike for my birthday. It's great. Finally I have a way to start exploring Waterloo on my own. It's about time I stopped living in denial and face the fact that I'm really here in Ontario. Melbah, Lamb and I take an inaugural trip to Lamb's school to ride around and play a little tennis. Then we head off into the woods to see some of the forest paths. Construction is good exercise but I love the aerobics I get from traveling the open road. Next I have to find a bicycle club to join for some weekend rides. If there's anyone in the area who some ideas for Sunday rides, just send me an email. Now back to the open road.


Jean Chia said...

it's been a long time since my last ride. It's good to be able to ride on your bicycle and observe the nature.

Steven said...

Jean Chia: Yes it's wonderful riding in the woods. By the way, I love your laughing baby video. Steve