Friday, May 06, 2005

Rubies, Lambs and Burgers

I have been transported from the Thailand to Canada. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to see my native country with fresh eyes. I spent my first day becoming acclimatized. I left Bangkok where the temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. The weather report includes the phrase: "feels like 117 degrees F". The temperature today in Waterloo is 10 degrees C. Very nice.

On my first day back I visited my sister's family. They have a cat. Her name is Ruby. Ruby is very old. Melba Toasty told me that the other day Ruby stuck out her tongue and forgot to reel it back in. Mel says that a cat's tongue is very very long and that once you've seen one hanging out, you never want to see it again. So in this picture, she's doing well.

This is 'Lamb'. She is petting 'Peacock'. Do you see what I mean?
Melbah wrote in her Blog on March 26th (3,26), that her daughter trained her fish to come to her finger so that she could pet it. I had to see this for myself. Amazing but true!

This is my room mate in Waterloo. She is also my Mom. Pat, alias 'Squiddy', took me out for my inaugural burger. She even documented the event in her Blog: 'Point Taken' After being away from Western food for the last three months I have to admit the burger was delicious, but as my friends in Thailand would say, it was 'too beek'.

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