Thursday, May 05, 2005

Back To Canada

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, May 5, 2005
I loved being in Thailand but I look forward to having a chance to reflect on this wonderful adventure and see if from the perspective of my own Country.

I arrived at Bangkok Airport at 5am. I have Two new pieces of luggage for the trip home; a garment bag with my Armani suit in it, and a second bag to hold my souvenirs and presents for my family.

As I was waiting to check in for my flight I noticed a Buddhist Monk on the other side of the Terminal. A few minutes later I found myself sitting next to him. This is Julian. He has been a monk in Wat Mapjun (Mapjun Temple) for the last 8 years. He's on his way to Nelson B.C. Canada to visit his parents. He hasn't seen them since he entered the Temple. He studies Theraradin Buddhism 'theraradin' referring to the goal of enlightenment. As we talked, I showed him my amulet. I got if from my dear friends in Ubon Ratchithani. Julian recognized the Monk as 'Luang Pu Tuad' who is one of the most renowned Monks in Thailand. As it turns out, this amulet is used as a protection for travellers. In my Post, 'Joy in Ubon', I told the story of how I had the impulse to take off my Saint Christopher's medal and put on a different amulet that I traded later that day for the one I wear now. So without knowing it, I exchanged one amulet for travel protection for another.

Julian and I both smiled at the irony as I told him that story. Thanks Julian, for helping me put another piece of the puzzle together.

My flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong took off at 8am.

Here is a view of Taiwan (I think)

I arrived in Hong Kong three hours later. I then had a 4 hour wait and then boarded an Air Canada flight for Toronto Canada.

Here is a view out my window as we flew over Northern Ontario.

Thomas was sitting next to me on my flight. He was in Hong Kong visiting his 92 year old grandmother who is very sick. He expects she will not be around much longer and wanted to stay but he had to get back. At least you had a chance to see her once more Thomas. Just after we had our first on board meal, Thomas became very ill, throwing up and feeling feverish. It turned out to be a very tough trip for him.

I flew for 15 hours straight before arriving in Toronto. When I arrived, I was met by my brother Michael, my sister Melba Toasty and my Mom; alias 'Squiddy'.

My whole trip back to Canada took a total of 26 hours. Here I am back at my Mom's home. "Welcome home, roomy" she said.

I want to say hello to my dear friends in Thailand who changed my life and my perspective, forever. As I left the Thai Jet, I was given this orchid, which is the official flower of the Buddha. I'm also holding a beautiful cardholder; a gift that I use to hold the cards that have my Blog address on them.

I brought this Thai Buddha back with me and it sits in the living room of my Mom's place now. This is my way to honor the beautiful people who have taught me so much and shown me that the secret of Paradise is not the place but the people. 'Cup khun Crup. Khun na rak mah'.


somsoc said...

Glad you arrived home safely. What a radicalizing experience!

Windspirit said...

Welcome home Steve!

margaret hamilton said...

Hi Steve,

Actually can't believe you came back. Let's go for phone beers!!

Steven said...

somsoc: Yes I feel fully radicalized...I think...and thanks!

Steven said...

windspirit: Thankyou my dear friend. I feel like I simply moved from one dream state to another to arrive here.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Steve!!!!

You should call me !!


Anonymous said...

Steve, I am glad that you made it home safely. Hope you didn't bring any flus home with ya. JJ