Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Final Day In Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, May 4, 2005
I spent my last few days here in Bangkok, where I began.
Here's Khao San Road as I saw it while eating my 'American' Breakfast. It was 37 degrees on this morning. I shall miss this country very much, but not the heat. It's like being in a low grade oven. The weather reports showed this to be the hottest place on Earth right now.
The one place I hadn't been was the Grand Palace so I braved the intense heat and went for a visit. The King does not live at this Palace but it is his symbolic home. It is modelled after the first Capital, Ayutthaya.
I wanted you to see the intricate workmanship of the ceramic materials that decorate the Palace buildings.
I spent several minutes in this Temple inside the Palace grounds. There is a magnificent Temple here that I couldn't take pictures of.

Ever since I arrived in Thailand I wanted to get this picture; Budhist Monk with a Cell phone. This is my answer to Melba Toasty's 'Pioneer Woman With Cell Phone'.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, look at those enormous golden Buddhas in the shop window.
How come you didn't bring home several of those?
I should have phoned the priest to ask him to remind you.