Monday, May 02, 2005

Khao San Road; There And Back Again

Bangkok, Thailand, May 2, 2005

So here I am, back where I started from; Khao San Road.

But before experiencing the madness of this place, I climbed to the top of a building to experience a sunset.

Then I did some final shopping before my return.

This is the courtyard of a very nice Hotel I have been staying in the last couple of nights. I decided to treat myself to a slightly better place but I kept having bad karma here. Yesterday the air conditioning quit. So I had it recharged. Then when I got back at the end of the night, it had quit again, so after 5 phone calls and no action, I finally had them move me to another room. But the air con only barely worked there. Then this morning the lights wouldn't turn on. That wouldn't have mattered except my room has no windows. So I chalked it up to Feng Shui and moved across the street the the Khao San Palace Hotel, which is very nice but only had a twin room available.

So if anyone wants to fly in for the last two nights and join me, here's your chance!

These are some friends who came for dinner to join me before I leave for Canada. They are: 'Boi'(who is an account executive at Samsung Electronics), 'A' (who I call 'Eh' in honor of my country, who is a computer programmer at an International Insurance Company in Bangkok),his girlfriend 'Lehk'(Who runs Portugal) and 'Jook'(Who is President of Samsung Electronics for Bangkok). They all kept asking me the same question all night; 'When are you coming back?' The people of Thailand make me feel very welcome. This bunch have decided to adopt me as their family.

This is 'Juu' who joined us a bit later, and 'Boi'. I promised 'Boi' I would show a decent picture of her this time. The Post on 'Monkey's Birthday' had a very poor picture of her. I find the Thai people have eyes that seem to sparkle. And they really are like family when they get together. There is such a genuine love between them.

As you can see, I finally picked up my suit, so I'm ready to leave now. You may remember that I ordered that suit the third day I was in Bangkok. It is an Armani suit with two pairs of pants, three custom shirts and three silk ties for about $500 Canadian. The same suit sells for about fifteen hundred dollars back home. Armani's factory is just outside Bangkok. Thais make the suits and then they are shipped to Italy and other destinations around the world.

I will try to post more articles before I leave Bangkok on Wednesday but it's possible you might not hear from me until I return. Either way, it's Blogging as usual when I return. The greatest adventure is the answer to the question: 'What do I do next?'
I'll leave it to Jookie to give you the final word here.


Bozoette said...

I have really enjoyed your adventures in Thailand and Laos!

pmelissa said...

I'm a little suspicious of the job titles... I thought Jook was President of Thailand. Hmmm. ;)

Can't wait to have you home!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to see where that Armani suit takes you.
You'll be the most stylish carpenter/writer in town.

B$ said...

I have enjoyed following your trip, truly a once in a life time adventure!