Friday, April 29, 2005

Thailand's Ancient City

Bangkok, Thailand, april 28, 2005

I'm back in Bangkok for the last week of my stay in Thailand. I was talking to Monkey and she told me her parents were visiting from Khon Kaen so I looked them up and we all took a trip to the 'Ancient City' which is just South of Bangkok itself.

You may remember Sit, Nu and Kow from the Kohn Kaen Posts I did. They are like my family away from home and although they speak no English and I speak no Thai, we still seem to have a great time together.

This is considered to be the oldest City in Thailand and has been built up like a theme park. As you pedal around on a bike you can visit relics from all the parts of Thailand. It felt like having a mini review of my whole journey here.

The sculptures here are amazing but the other thing I love about it is the wildlife. There was a deer sleeping just to the side of Kow in this picture.

Is there a family resemblance here or is it just me?

This Temple houses the footprint of Buddha and is considered one of the most sacred places in all of Thailand. Sit and Nu asked that I take this picture specially for them.

This is the actual footprint, or a stylized form of it.

The Thai Junk was still used as a barge until about 30 years ago.

Serina, from Bangkok, and her boyfriend, Steve, from England, posed for me at the bow of the Junk. It's the inside view of the last picture.

At the entrance to the Park you can see a pond of Lotus flowers. I highly recommend the Ancient city if you visit Bangkok.

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Anonymous said...

I am expecting to see arrive back here wearing a saffron robe and carrying a begging bowl.
You won't need much of a hair cut though.