Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dinner and a Movie

I finally had a chance to visit with my brother Mike and his family. They came over to my Mom's for a delicious dinner of glazed baked ham with all the trimmings. We even had baked Alaska for desert. Mom really knows how to make a meal!
When we were finished dinner, we sat down to watch a new Christmas video that Melbah, Mom and I just finished producing. We've been working on the video technology of Windows Moviemaker for the last three years. I think we nailed it this time. The movie's fast-paced, funny, and most of all it doesn't bore.
It was wonderful to have a chance to talk with my brother. I find that with my family, we love each other but we tend to not talk very much on the phone. We have the best time when we get together.

Melbah, you were asking how Mike's family enjoyed the video. Did they find it exciting? Did it enthrall them? Well...

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