Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ticket To India

Today I went to Nippon Travel to get my tickets for Asia.

Okay, here's my plug for my travel agent. Elaine is fantastic. She had to change my travel plans five times before we were done. And she got me a great price. She managed to get me a flight from Toronto to Vancouver on Christmas Eve. She has me arriving in Bangkok in time to make my other connections for New Delhi India at just the time I wanted.
A few weeks ago, I thought I would have to arrive in Asia on New Year's Eve. But then she suddenly found me a ticket for December 24th. I told Elaine I couldn't go on Christmas or my Mom would kill me. A couple of days later I tried to score Brownie points with Mom by letting her know what a loyal son I was being by staying with her in Waterloo on Christmas. Her reply shocked me. "I don't care if you're here for Christmas. You're going to be here for the three weeks anyway. Take the ticket and go."
So everything is working out great. Thanks Elaine. Thanks Mom. India here I come.
...So you don't want me home on Christmas eh Mom?...

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Anonymous said...

hahaha!But I think your mom feels very sad!Because you are christmas party animal ! ayako