Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mystical Bird Returns

Waterloo, Ontario, June 8 2007
My dear friend, Judy, lost her son on June 9th, 2005. Just before he died, my mom noticed a strange thing. A red-winged blackbird kept slamming himself against her kitchen window for a couple of weeks before Chris's death. I wrote about it in the post: Nature Spirits on June 7th. Day after day this bird would pelt himself against that window. At first, Mom thought it was some kind of reflection problem that was drawing this bird. She closed the blinds and made sure there were no mirrors or reflecting objects to draw the bird to that window, but nothing worked. This went on every day for two weeks. Then On June 9th, it stopped. The next day, Judy phoned to tell me her son had been found in Stanley Park. This is a photo of Chris and his mom. I flew to Vancouver a couple of weeks later and Judy and I had a Mystic Experience with the animals. Last year at exactly the same time, the bird suddenly appeared again, but this time Mom remarked that he just flew around cheerfully until a day before the anniversary of Chris's death; and then he disappeared again. He's here now; flying around in Mom's yard and feeding at the bird feeder with the other birds. Welcome back.

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