Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Mystic Man And The Animals

Vancouver, BC, June 26, 2007
Judy is one of my dearest friends. I would do anything for her, and when we get together, magic things seem to happen. This was definitely one of those days.

We went for a walk around the Sea wall of Stanley Park. Chris loved Nature and this was a place he enjoyed very much. Judy didn't want to come here alone because of how she associated it with her son's last days, so we went together.

The beauty along this Ocean side path is staggering. As we walked along, Judy talked about Chris. She told me about his profound love of Nature. She said he always had a fascination with birds and all kinds of animals. He could sit anywhere and animals would just flock to him. One day, a bee landed on Chris's hand and he gently reached down and petted it.

As she said this, we passed a native man resting on a park bench, lying on his back, with his head on a small knapsack. His face looked scruffy but he was wearing an elegant calf-skin leather jacket and he had a bamboo staff propped up against him on the bench. Judy felt there was a connection between this man, and her son, and she wanted to talk to him, but his eyes were closed so we just walked on. I wanted to take his picture but I felt I would have been intruding on his privacy.

A few minutes later, we came upon a black squirrel. The squirrel came up to Judy as if she was an old friend. We immediately thought of the squirrel we had seen the day before when we visited Chris's Cross, nearby. That squirrel had seemed like a guardian for Chris and this little guy made us think of the that experience. Judy took out a bag of peanuts and started feeding him.

Then suddenly there were all sorts of small animals converging on her. There were Canada geese and ducks and squirrels and crows and pigeons all circling her at the same time. Then we looked over and saw the man from the bench standing just to the side of us watching with amusement as Judy kept handing out peanuts. We never saw him walk over. He was just suddenly there.

Then we looked up a minute later and he appeared on the other side of us, watching Judy from the bridge. She looked him in the eye and was surprised to find that he stared right back. He didn't avert her eyes, the way a man who is down and out, might. He just peacefully met her gaze.
He reminded us of the Mystic Masters who show up in special times, disguised as beggars. Judy told me she wished she had run up to him and talked to him or given him some money or something. But I think that what happened was just perfect. He had the quiet enjoyment of watching this miracle unfold between Judy and all these animals.

Judy has asked many times for Chris to give her a sign that he is all right. This mystic man and the animals seemed like the answer to her prayers.


Bozoette said...

Sounds like he was her guardian angel. How nice!

Anonymous said...

very nice story ...
How wonderful!
ayako from japan

somsoc said...

Judy, may the love and good memories of your son
sustain you.

~~ Melissa said...

I love that picture of Judy and Chris together. It's amazing what signs of Chris are all around.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible experience with Judy and the animals and the 'mystic man'. I believe it was a gift from her son or the powers that be. Perhaps also to show Judy that her son is still around in spirit. I love animals too so it was very touching to see all of this. And her beautiful son patted a bee - incredible!! I remember when the bee and I spoke telepathically to eachother. I was in a park having lunch from the dreaded business school I attended. This bumble bee circled me and I thought it was going to sting me so I said 'Oh, go ahead, I don't care'. The next thing the bee landed on the ground and turned to face me. We looked directly into eachother's eyes. All I can say about that is that it's eyes seemed to go into infinity. I believe it was a Silent One, sent to assist me. Harold Klemp has written a book about animals and how they are Soul too. I look forward to getting this book soon. When I eat meat I am more and more aware that it came from a living Soul's body and thank the animals for it's sustenance. That's the closest I come to prayer.
Praja Patti - kick some ass!!!

Love Deeds