Saturday, June 25, 2005

Chris's 'Nature'

I met with my dear friend Judy, who lost her son on June 8th. He was found in Stanley Park.

His brother, Jeff, built a cross and shrine for Chris on June 12th, while family stood by and placed flowers around the site.

Judy and I went to that site on the day I arrived in Vancouver; June 23rd. We found some signs of Nature that spoke to us so we took some pictures of them. I then wrote to my friend ‘Kitty’ in Cape Cod, who has a deep intuitive connection with Nature. I asked her for her insights into these signs. I wrote:
"We found three things that I wanted to ask your insights on. There was a huge slug on the rose bush by the cross that was erected where he was found. It was also there a few days ago. Then Judy and I saw a very tame black squirrel that sat and looked at us for a long time. Finally, as we were looking for clues to what might have happened to him, we found three black feathers on the ground around a large tree with a hollowed out centre. What do you think these signs mean?"

“I am going to give you my gut reaction, and feelings about the things you saw.
Feathers have always signified hope to me "hope is the thing with feathers which perches in the soul", etc.

It feels as though Judy's son was leaving a message to say he felt completely empty(hollow tree) in his life and is flying(feathers) off to a new and better place, but he wanted to leave the feathers to say he had hope that things would be better in his new form/life. Also, it is a sign to Judy that he wants her to know he felt this hope and the BLACK feathers may mean that he acknowledges how hurt Judy must feel.

I really feel the squirrel was a CLEAR example of what you and I have talked of re animals coming and letting you know of their empathy. It almost seems like the squirrel might represent a bit of her son's latent spirit from this earth, but I am not sure if I am clear on this. It really is very meaningful, though, that he lingered there. Normally squirrels are so busy dashing about their business.

Not sure if it is right to share this but referring to the slug on the rose bush....perhaps Judy's son was feeling that he was stripping Judy (a beautiful person, as the beauty of a rose) of her life force with his problems, as a slug robs a plant slowly of life by eating the leaves, leaving the bush unable to absorb its life force from the sun.

She ended her letter by saying:
My heart aches for her as she passes through this time. Many mother's do not survive or recover from the loss of a child, but I hope her spirit will revive and she can turn this to helping others or making life better for someone else.
That has always been my saving grace.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Judy:

Indeed, there are incredible events surrounding your loss of your son. They are special and I believe you are a much loved person and that your son is as well. I'm sorry for the pain - you are not alone-....

Wishing blessings and love
Diana Love