Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I'm learning to see life more like a Cat.

This is the classic cartoon. I thought of it one day when Mom's Seal point; Harry; climbed up above this computer for a nap.

You know the old saying: "It's a dog's life"? Well I think it's the cat's turn to have a look.

This is what we all see each morning as we look out my basement bedroom window. The other day when it got really hot, the roses burst into bloom all at once.

I just got off the phone with a very dear friend of mine and as we were talking about how tenuous life is, Mom's cat; Max; climbed up on her Antique table and snuggled himself between her beautiful plates and a picture frame. This is one of his favorite places to relax. If he kicked one foot out the wrong way, he would make history. But he never does. He helps me remember to enjoy the beauty
around me without fear.

Tomorrow I head out West to Vancouver and then to Calgary to visit my family and friends. I'll share my experiences with you as I go.


Vivyan Ackroyd said...

The new babies are wonderful, all my kittens got new homes and I miss them so much, Kato is still looking around the house for them..It was fun to have 5 8 week old kittens running around the house. I was so protective of them, didn't want to give them up to strangers....but I had to be strong. Cats are such unique creatures, I have a book to share with you when you return. be well my friend. Love Vivyan

Kitty said...

What a wonderful post! Yes, life with cats certainly does remind one of the practical way to appraoch this life. They have vakuable lessons to teach each day and know exactly how to maximize each moment, as do you.
Have a wonderful trip.
Love, Kitty

J.P. said...

As the custodian of the Imari plates and the antique table, let me just say this: