Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nature Spirits

There is a magical quality to my Mom's home that attracts some wonderful creatures.

This is the view out my basement window. I do my writing in the morning and this is what I see. The hummingbird is a very special symbol to me. The other day while I was sitting at my laptop, there was a sparkling light that kept hitting my eyes. I suddenly realized that the wind from the open window was twirling the hummingbird and creating this effect.

Then when I looked out the window I saw this morning dove sitting in the bird bath. As it happens, the wrought iron bird is also a morning dove.

So that got me motivated to explore some more. As I walked up onto the deck I saw a large rabbit heading underneath. when I got to the other side, this little guy was sitting by the new pond we just put in.

I showed this picture in my last post; the sun just rising that morning. You can see the pond here but if you look closer you can see that same bunny.

And these are the fish we got the other day. They all hang out together and they move at lightening speed. And while I was discovering all these animals, I was listening to the bird calls from so many species at the same time.

Of all the creatures, this red-winged black bird is the most mysterious to me. He has been here a couple of weeks.

He spends hours a day clunking himself against the windows and mirrors of our house and the neighbor's. Between the spinning of the hummingbird disk and the actions of this red-wing, I keep thinking of the movie: Dragonfly (Full Screen) in which a man keeps seeing a symbol over and over again until he can't ignore it anymore. It gets to the point where he sees hundreds of dragonflies whacking themselves against his windows; trying to tell him something. This is how I feel these days.

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