Monday, June 06, 2005

Squiddy's Garden

I have learned that beauty is all around us if we will just take the time to look. The other morning I went outside and took these pictures of Squiddy's garden just as the sun was rising. I find that when I look at it from a distance her yard is nice, but close up it's amazing.

Sunrise is my favorite time of day. When I was growing up I had a morning paper route and I had the opportunity to be out in this most tranquil time of the day.

Melbah Toasty was just over looking at this side garden and we made a date to do some serious weeding to get it in shape

But even in it's unkempt state, I love looking at these ruffled tulips. Such a wonderful color of pink.

This is Squiddy's deck. There is a lot happening in this picture, but let me just point out two things. A red-winged black bird is throwing himself at a mirror. He practically lives here. In a coming Blog post, I will talk about the nature spirits that are attracted to my Mom's garden.

Another thing I love here is the basket of hibiscus. When I focus on them, they seem to be bursting with vibrant energy.

The back yards in our neighborhood are very simple and the house colors seem drab to me. But when I look at the bed of flowers in the left side of this picture...

...I see the powerful colors of the petunias that are blooming here.

In Canada, even the flowers express our winter. This is called a 'snowball tree and this morning it was absolutely spilling over Mom's back fence.

Here's her front yard. I find that the houses here in Waterloo have a crisp clean look to them but without the gardens they would look almost sterile.

On this particular morning, the Parrot tulips were just coming to full bloom.

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somsoc said...

There must be a story connected with the bird bath. I love the little froggy:)