Sunday, June 05, 2005

What The Bleep Time

Okay Vivyan and Somsoc, I finally saw the movie: ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ and it was really fun.

The strongest theme in the movie that hits home with me is the theory of time travel. Quantum physics has found that particles of matter seem to exist in two or more places at the same time and that when we put our attention on them they seem to be in only one place again.

I developed my model of the Universe thirty years ago when I began studying ‘Eckankar’ which was described as the ‘ancient science of Soul Travel’ by it’s founder, Paul Twitchell. Twitchell based his cosmology on the premise that in our true state we are omnipotent beings and so we never travel anywhere. We simply put our attention somewhere and are here now. Twitchell took this idea further. He said that we all have the natural ability to be in any place in any Plane of existence at any ‘time’ just by focusing our attention on where we want to be. The reason this is possible is that we are already in all places and times right now. The Soul travel theory states that all eventualities of all time tracks have already happened. Anything that you can imagine or dream or experience with your senses, has already taken place. Twitchell says that we simply put our attention on those events the same way a flashlight illuminates the darkness. What we see is what we tend to accept as Reality.

There is a movie that demonstrates this theory. ‘Back to the Future’ is a movie in which a boy (Marty) travels from 1985 to 1955. But he returns ten minutes before the time he left and so is able to watch himself leave. When he goes home, at the end of his adventure, his whole life is totally changed. The movie explains this by showing that he has altered events of the future by past actions. That is sort of true. In ‘reality’ what Marty has done is leave one time track and enter another. The explanation in Quantum Physics and according to Twitchell is that the time track Marty arrives in is a parallel universe. He never actually does go home. He arrives somewhere he has never been and both world exist at once.

So if all this is correct then we are actually omnipotent beings trapped in our own hypnosis. I don't think we can wake up from this hypnosis, as humans, but we can change our lives in the blink of an eye, when we learn to consciously alter our hypnosis. And I think the first step to accomplishing this goal is to learn to become the observer beyond the physical body. I have experienced this state through lucid dreaming and Soul Travel.

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