Saturday, June 04, 2005

Fun Works

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2005
Squiddy received a free pass for a Fun Center called 'Funworx' so we picked up Lily and Lamb and Melbah Toasty and I headed out for the day.

The Centre had a free barbecue and a huge cake for everyone to share. Then they lined up this colorful array of characters to cut the ribbon.

As much as they tried to behave, the cats in the hats who held the ribbon just couldn't help but get into some mischief. One girl pulled the ribbon just a little too tight. So the other gave her an incredulous look and pulled it back. Just when things were about to get out of hand, the ceremonial music started and everyone settled down. It was really cute to watch as they each gave the other one more evil stare.

After having some playtime and some lunch, we went to a local pet store where Squiddy picked out some goldfish for her new pond. This is lamb standing in front of the container that holds the fish. The cost for the fish; 10 baht each (thirty-nine cents).

With our 5 new fishy pals in the bag, we went to the Humane Society to look for a couple of cats for Mom. I caught these cuties napping. Mom's long time friend; Shariyat the Wonder Cat; died just after I left for Thailand. Our goal this week is to find two new kitties.


~~ Melissa said...

I'm so in love with that sleeping kitten.

J.P. said...

Okay,p.Melissa, you take that cute kitten.
And Steve--I want a couple of spayed cats, so they won't be kittens.
I fell in love with five cats yesterday. I'd take all of them except for the memory of cleaning out the litter box.

Vivyan Ackroyd said...

Morning Steve,
Love the garden and understand the feeling of this time of day, 4:30 am the cardinals are singing and my Sammi is chattering away. I have to tell you something ...I just happen to have 5 kittens that I picked up on Sunday. They are 8 week old hemingway's and one 5 month Tiffany.