Friday, June 03, 2005

Paradise In Waterloo

I have been struggling to write a screenplay of my life and adventures in Thailand. My dear friend Kitty from Cape Cod suggested that when she wants to clear her head and get the creative juices flowing, she goes walking in nature. I just wanted you to know I'm following your example Kitty. I run in the morning and here's what I see.

There is a beautiful winding path between the houses. It's very quiet. The scent of the trees and the lush vegetation is invigorating.

I weave my way around wild flowers growing beside the path.

this is the trillium, which is the Provincial flower of Ontario. I see them growing all around me here.

The neighbors take great pride in their yards, growing tulips around their trees. I find the colors are incredible this time of year.

My Mom has a beautiful front garden where she has daffodils blooming right now. This doesn't do it justice though. I'll give you a proper view of it soon.

I pass this sign every day when I run. Paradise really is right on the end of my street. Thanks Kitty! for your suggestion. And thank you to the many people who write with encouragement as I share my journey with you. Khop khun krup!

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~~ Melissa said...

It's good to know Paradise is just around the corner.