Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mom's Cats...Really!

Mom got two Himalayan cats from the Humane Society on Monday, as she explains in her blog. The only problem is, she has trouble finding them. Okay Squiddy. I know where they are.

The blond guy likes to live in my portable closet. But if it's any consolation Mom, he sleeps on the T-shirt you brought me back from England.

I'm sure it's not my room he goes for; it's your shirt...really!

And as for the Seal point, he may be snoring on my bed each night but that doesn't mean he likes it. Look at that tension in his paws. He misses you. I'm sure of it.

Now here's where Mom and I would like your help. Squiddy is still deciding what to call them. I want to call this one Wookie, because he reminds me of Chewy from Star wars.

And mom is partial to calling this guy 'Marmaduke', which I shorten to 'Dukie'. What do you think? Wookie and Dukie? We're open to suggestions.

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