Thursday, June 09, 2005

Canadian Carpenter

Sawadee krup!
My friends in Thailand wanted to know what construction work is all about in Canada. I will show you with a few projects I have just done here in Waterloo for my Mom.

I dug in a pond that is now the home for the 5 gold fish I talked about recently

Enquiring minds have been asking: why the hole? There it is Alex, the mystery revealed.

I thought fixing this fence would be the easiest task I did. But it was very difficult because this section was too narrow.

I had to add two inches to length of this fence to make it all fit properly.

Mom's been wanting a step here since I arrived in Waterloo.

The key is to make sure the step is fastened to the asphalt so that everything stays together over the coming years.

She had steps here already but they were uneven. The unconscious mind knows how to walk on stairs based on the first step. These varied by as much as two inches from riser to riser so I added an extra step and made them uniform. I enjoy this kind of project because it's a big challenge to get it right.

I've worn a tool belt so long that even though it weighs almost fifty lbs, sometimes I forget I have it on.

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