Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Dalai Lama Prophecy 2

Traveling to Dharamsala is the culmination of a dream from five years ago. A psychic told me I will meet the Dalai Lama on my travels. Now I have a chance to see that prophecy come true.

It’s a beautiful fresh cool morning in Dharamsala, and I keep remembering that day as we walk down the small Village of McLeod Gang toward the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Polish couple told us that he is away on a speaking tour but I am excited to just be in the place where he lives.

Aw and I walk up to the open courtyard and then up the stairs to the Temple itself. This is such a thrill for me as I look into the Temple and say more to myself than Aw: “This is the Spiritual Seat of Power of Tibetan Buddhism.” We are walking around the outside of the Temple when we run into our Polish friends again. “He’s here.” They say. “He just arrived a couple of hours ago. We heard a commotion on the street and then a string of cars arrived here. No one knew. He just suddenly arrived.” We continued our walk around the Temple and then we went to the entrance to the residence and I took this photo of Aw. It’s so exciting to me to think that the Dalai Lama is just on the other side of those gates.
If you look closely you will see the armed guard standing there. We saw a number of soldiers around the complex but none of them actually on the Temple site itself. Now I wonder if the prophecy will be fulfilled in the next few days while we’re here.

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