Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Dalai Lama Prophecy Part 1

Traveling to Dharamsala is the culmination of a dream from five years ago. A psychic told me I was meant to travel the world. Just as I was leaving her house she handed me a string of cloth birds and said: “A friend who met the Dalai Lama gave me these birds. Now I am to give them to you for you will meet the Dalai Lama on your travels.” Now I have a chance to see that prophecy come true.

We travel by bus from Amritsar on our way to Dharamsala. After several hours we come to the border of the State of Himachel Pradesh and everything changes drastically. The architecture is much better and there is a lot of new construction going on. The country starts to get a lot hillier and there are many more trees.
I love this country It seems so familiar to me. As if to accentuate my feelings, we pass an estate named ‘Canada Palace’. We travel up winding roads through reddy brown dirt hills with cinder block barriers to hold back the soil from falling into our path. We drive slowly around narrow roads who's banks drop off hundreds of feet to the valley below. Many times we have to stop for another bus to squeeze past us as it heads the other way. As we come to a clearing between the steep hills, I suddenly catch me first glimpse of the Himalayan Mountains. They are very far away to the North and appear as a misty vision in the distance. They are magnificent to see. They remind me very much of the Rocky Mountains near Banff Alberta except they are twice as high. Here's a photo I got of them the next day. Do you see them in the distance behind Aw?

How about now? This photo doesn't do them justice of course.
I am surprised to go through several large towns before we finally arrive in the dark in Dharamsala. Lonely Planet says we really want to go the extra four kilometers to McLeod Gang. We find a Polish couple to share a jeep with and the four of us pay the 120 rupees between us, to make the final assent. When we arrive I feel an increasing sense of peace and tranquility. This place really feels like home. We walk a short distance to the ‘OM’ Hotel and get a room for 250 rupees.

Our window looks out to a view of the wooded hillside below and the view makes me feel energized. I love the town for as much as we can see in our quick stroll to find some dinner. We walk across the street to the MLCD Restaurant, which is touted as the place Pierce Bronson likes to eat.
It has a photo of him with his hand on his heart; sitting at the same table Aw is eating her Thai chicken (not really Thai).

I have a extra strength King Fisher Beer and we are feeling very good. Aw is very cuddly and I can feel that we are both starting to relax after the last two days of hard travel. We come back to our room and both fall immediately into a deep sleep. We wake up refreshed and my heart feels more at peace than it has been in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

yoh Steve and Aw - what an interesting life. Maybe when you meet the Dali Lama you will know what to write in your book. I envy you guys but I could never travel like you two do. Miss you. Look forward to talking to you again. Namaste.

Love Deeds