Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Erbsville Fan Club

My sister, the infamous Melbah Toasty; minor Blog celebrity
[Pioneer Woman With A Cell Phone] has been trying to convince me for a long time that it is her and not me who is Mom's favorite child. I would think that the evidence is overwhelmingly in my favor. [See The Evidence]
But last year a spontaneous event occurred that I think puts this matter to rest once and for all. Watch this video. You be the judge of my greatness.

But it gets better.A couple of days ago, Melbah and I are at the local Home Depot getting some materials to build her a utility room. We are paying for our purchases when I suddenly hear a voice that seems so familiar to me. I look over just as the couple ahead of us are leaving. Then I turn to Melbah and we both have the same puzzled look on our faces.I say to her: "Isn't that the couple who played the accordion for me last year. She says: "I thought they looked like the people but I wasn't sure."So we follow them out and find them looking at garden sheds in the parking lot. It's so funny because I say: "Excuse me but do you play the accordion. The man looks at me with a shocked face as if I am from the Accordion police and I am making an arrest. His wife hesitantly answers yes-ssss. So I say: "You sang a song for me." And she replies: "oh yeah. You're Steve." (They look visibly relieved now that they see there will probably be no jail time involved here.)Melbah gets out the camera and here's what happens:

Oh My God, there's more. See [Erbsville World Reunion]

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