Monday, March 06, 2006

Lipeh Paradise

Koh Lipeh, Thailand, 2006

Koh Lipeh may seem like a paradise to the untrained eye but let me show you the dirt behind the myth.

I was crammed aboard a Speed Ferrie and forced to endure sun, ocean currents and flying fish for almost three hours.

You can see how nerve-racking this trip was for the other passengers.

The secret harbour police were watching me everywhere. Don't let this little guy fool you. Don't let the fact that he looks five years old fool you. I'm sure he was just waiting to collect intelligence. I can promise you he received none from me!

I was then taken by Long-Tail Boat to the Island of Lipeh.

My Guesthouse was located in a congested part of the Island. I was forced to endure the sound of the Ocean Tides (even at night) and the rustle of palm trees where ever I looked.

And speaking of noise; there were three times during my time on the beach when I was pulled away from my novel to look up at the sound of the Long-Tail heading across the Sea in front of me. This forced me to look at the scantily clad females in their bikinis all around me.

And here's a guy who went too far in his search for Nimo...Paradise? You decide.


Bozoette said...

Oh poor you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your beach aerobics are amazing. What a feat of excellence. You must be so exhausted that you just had to crash on that cot. I myself still do mattress inspecting on a regular basis for exercise. Well sweetie pie, I miss you. When are you coming back to Ontario? can you drop me a line - probably sending it would be better though. Here in Alberta where the palm trees are the ones we have only in our homes.

Love Deeds

Steven said...

bozoette: Thanks for understanding. And to the rest of you:if you think it's so easy, I dare you to come here and try it yourself.

Steven said...

Deeds: Matress inspecting is not as fun here in Thailand. One morning in Lipeh, I woke up face to face with a black toad on my bed. In some Guest Houses on Kao San Road, I'm even afraid to look at the bites in the morning.
Yes, coming soon to a Province near you. I miss you too. Love, Stevie Beachie