Monday, February 06, 2006

Satun, On the Planet Earth

I'm hanging out here in Satun, on the border of Malaysia, until tomorrow. Here are some hi-lights from the last couple of days...

I left my Hotel after several relaxing days in Songkhla. 79.3 kg (Now I only look 2 months pregnant.)

Major Chit took me to a beautiful resort just outside Satun. This place is famous for it's birds. My Mom was asking why I go to places with so many birds and not include photos in my Blog. See all these birds? That's why. It's a skill I haven't quite mastered.

Early Sunday morning, we visited a famous market that is right on the border between Malaysia and Thailand. It stretches 2km along this stretch of highway.

This is actually Malaysia. You can see the same kinds of Mountainous features in the background as you find in Krabi or Phattalung.

There are a majority of Moslem people here in the border towns. Malaysia is a predominantly Moslem Country.

Then we had a wonderful Thai meal. Chit just assumed we have this creature in Canada. It did look very familiar to me but then I realized it looks just like the monsters from the Movie; 'Alien' ("In outer space they can't hear you scream".)

Here's what it looks like from underneath. (I have alerted NASA.)

It's actually a Horseshoe Crab. What you see here is the Crab pulled open to expose the eggs, which you eat with the Thai salad that is packed between the layers of the shell. Sort of tastes like chewy walnuts. I kept smiling and saying 'aroi, aroi' so they just kept giving me more. The things I do for my Country...

Today was a struggle at first. I headed out at 8am to find a travel agent to arrange a tour of the Islands. But almost no one speaks English here. Finally, this beautiful woman saved my life. She is Prapapan and she arranged all my tickets as well as giving me some great tips on how to get the most out of my journey. It's probably impolite, but I ask many Thais their age. I was wrong by ten years with Prapapan. Kopt khun krup for all your help! Next stop: Koh Turutao.


Bozoette said...

We see horseshoe crabs on the beach in Ocean City, MD USA all the time, but I would never have thought to eat the eggs! I love following your adventures.

Anonymous said...

The crab story reminds me of blue crabs escaping out of a burlap bag on a bus trip in Guatemala. We all sat on our feet until the owner gathered them all up again.

Anonymous said...

Wow!The cab is amuzing!I want to go there.And very pretty woman!
Your very lucky ,Steve!
Have a nice trip!
I'm looking forward to seeing your blog!
I'll sent you some pictuers .

Amy said...

I was there years ago! If you take the farry into Malasia have close look. They (at least when I was there) are the old old BC farrys!