Thursday, January 19, 2006

Children's' Day In Ubon

Ubon Rathathani, Thailand, January 6, 2006
Ted and I took a bus from Bangkok to Kohn Kaen and then over to Ubon Ratchathani on our way to Vietnam.

Linly is a 19 year-old college student we met on the bus. She was just heading to Ubon to visit her family and then return the same day. She was very excited to meet two Canadians. She told us she wanted to travel all over the world one day. I asked her where she would like to go most. Linly replied: "My dream is to twah-vell some whay with you!"

This is my very dear friend Joy, who I met last year in Ubon. We arrived on children's' Day so we had a chance to meet Joy's niece at a parade. I can hear my Mom muttering to herself: "Why do they need children's' Day? Every day is children's' day..."

This is 'Oy' (on the left); another woman I met last year. Joy, Oy, Loy, and Coy were giving out free Ice Cream to the children on this day as part of the festivities (okay I made up the other two names.).

These are some of the cutie pies who were dancing in the festival.

The costumes were wonderful and the girls could really dance!

These two girls were crowned as Princesses for the day. They were very excited to get attention from the visiting Farangs. I gave them tiny Canadian Flags just after I took this photo.

And how about this cutie patootie? (as my sister would say). This is another one of Joy's nieces.

This little guy was just too cute to pass up. Thai children are not shy at all at having their pictures taken.

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