Monday, January 23, 2006

Hua Hin (Hoo-Aw-Heen) Jan.23.06

On Friday, I left Kao San Road with my Travel Pack, my fannie pack and my day pack.

I have it down to a science now. I am able to travel, hands-free, anywhere at any time, with my little camera at the ready.

Today I am relaxing in Hua Hin. Thailand's King, Rama IX is also here. This is where he stays when he is not in Bangkok.
It is warm and sunny here. I am staying just a few blocks from this beautiful beach, with palm trees, clear blue water and white powder sand.

The Thais here collect and sell all the different sea shells that they find on the beach.

There is a huge Night Market as well. This stall was selling Crab and Prawns for about 100 baht each ($3.00). I tried some crab just to see if I would have an allergic reaction. Recently I had some shrimp by accident and found that nothing happened. And the same was true on this night.

This man was making some kind of small pancake. It's an art the way he is able to pour so fast. You'll love the movies, Mom.

And this woman is preparing seafood omelettes.

The best part about Hua Hin though, is the water. It's warm like bath water. As I swam, I saw tiny zebra minnows around my ankles and a small squid on surface next to me. The most amazing sight though, was the jelly-fish, propelling themselves against the tides, as they headed back to the sea.


Anonymous said...

The beach looks amazing Steve... even though we are having amazing weather here for January I still cant wear my bathing suit and work on my tan. I'm just a little jealous ;) hehe

Love you and miss you

empressofdirt said...

Wish I was there. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve:
You look great in a bikini by the way. Glad to SEE you! - inside joke. Glad your having the same wonderful experiences you had last year. You bring so much joy to so many lives. Keep well and safe



Anonymous said...

well well well, just bored out of my mind and googled you. At it again I see. Well enjoy your ocean and nice weather I will be here.
u know who