Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cambodia Visa

Cambodia Border, April 18, 2006
So here I am heading to Cambodia to renew my Visa for Thailand. I took a luxury bus to the boarder. I thought it would be a boring trip but when I sat down in my seat I found that the man beside me was a friend I met last year at the Bridge on the River Kwai.

This is Henry from Holland. He has been travelling around the World for several years. He gave me great tips on travelling in Vietnam. I promised to email him when I get there.

This is the Cambodia Boarder at Poi Pet. It reminds me of a refugee path as I see the people heading along on this rough dirt path.

One of the most amazing sights I saw, was this group of men hauling an enormous rice cart across the border.

The border crossing itself, is a modern building. The officers here all wear military uniforms but unlike the border crossing at Pnom Penn, they do not have machine guns.

The whole trip took 15 hours from Khao San Road to Cambodia and back again. This is how our whole group felt by the end of that journey.
The secret to having an enjoyable trip like this is the reading material.

I'm reading Wilber Smith's 'Monsoon'.


J.P. said...

Welcome back to blog-ville Steve.

~~ Melissa said...

Wow - that rice hauling picture is amazing.

Neat that you ended up beside Henry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve!I'm very glad you look so fine!I'm very surprise to see the "rice" picture!And please take pictures in kaosan road .I like there.Trip is fun.I want to go Thai and India as soon as possible.
Did you take pictures with Teddy and Bee??
love ,ayako

Steven said...

JP: Thanks, it's nice to bee seen.

Steven said...

Empress: Sometimes life is just amazing. Henry helped me a lot with my Vietnam planning and gave me some great insights on women too. I really started to feel in the groove that day.

Steven said...

Ayako: I spent lots of time on Kao San, but not much time drinking beer. And as for India; hold that thought! Good Idea!, love, Stevie san