Monday, October 10, 2005

Ayako Shares Thanksgiving

On Sunday, I asked Ayako what she would like to see in Calgary; The Calgary Zoo? or perhaps Heritage Park? Her answer was:
"I want go Grocery Store!" So I took her to 'Canada Superstore'.

We did the low tech version of an amusement park. I know this is no Calgary Stampede, but she still had her chance to ride a horse.
Halloween is a special celebration we have in Canada. We carve faces in pumpkins like this one and put them in our windows to attract children dressed up in costumes.

Ayako san was delighted to find this costume. Pickachu is a very popular cartoon in Canada and in Japan.
After our Supermarket adventure, we headed to Geeta's for a Thanksgiving celebration. Geeta put on a wonderful feast of Curries, Chicken breasts and Lamb, with lots of vegetables and sauces. Everyone contributed something. Her children even made the place settings for the table.

What really made it so magical on this night though, was the company. The women in the front row are: Judy, Judy's mother; Margaret, and Marjory. Margaret is a War Bride from London. She told us amazing stories of her trek across Canada to arrive at her new home. Marjory is Geeta's next door neighbor. She is from Scotland and has also travelled extensively.
Geeta's family has Hindu roots in India but she is from Kenya. This is what I call a proper Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration. So many cultures sharing the best of Ourselves with each

This morning, Ted and I got up at 5am to take Ayako san to the Bus Depot.
She will travel today, through the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia. Then she will she the Okanogan Valley, where some of our best Wines come from. Finally, at the end of her 15 hour journey, she will be met by my niece; Millie; who is the same age as Ayako. They will hang out together in Vancouver until Thursday, when Ayako san will fly back to Calgary for a final night in Canada before returning to Japan.
I got a very nice email from Ayako's father, last night. He said: "Dear steeeve. Today I see your Blog. I find Ayako enjoying travel. Pig cake , Nice friend ,and BIg Turtle , Every Picture Ayako show amusing face. I see her amusing fece after a long time. She looks like in junior school child. Thank you your kindness. cheers; Yosihiro."
It is our pleasure to have Ayako san here in Canada. You and your wife must be very special people to have raised such a yasashii daughter. Arigotto, Yashihiro san.


kimuti69 said...

Perhaps it had must be very interesting story of Margaret narratives. I imaged this dinner meeting, onother background,but friendly talks. It must have been a wonderful and fantasitic night.

This Blog was introduced to Tigusa(
my niece,cousin of Ayako) san who stayed in South Korea .
She is learning Korean word and teaching Japanese in Pusan city.

She will be make words in this site.

from yoshihiro san

Bozoette said...

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hai!steve!I'm ayako.
Now I using milli's friend's Internet.Today we are going to club again.very fun!And I love dancing. I'm looking forward to meet you again!And let's go sushi "GINZA"!!Have a nice day.