Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ayako Sees Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 11, 2005
I asked Ayako san to write an article about her adventures in Vancouver.
Vancouver trip
First day
I went to Vancouver from Calgary by bus .And I met Millie in bus stop.

But late night,We went to Millie's house soon.Millie living with 10 people now! Very nice house, nice day, I thought "I want to live here!"
second day

First we were went to Millie's university. Because she had a class .But class was canceled. So we were went to Shopping.Very big shopping mall.We went to Millie's favorite shops.And we went to meet her mother ,Meg.Vancouver is like Tokyo.But I think Vancouver is more beautiful than Tokyo.So,Millie and I were played"Japanese hunting" in the Vancouver.It's like a this..."first we sea ch Japanese .And if we get someone, Millie talk with someone .[konnichiwa!ogennkidesuka?- talk in English -] and last Millie say "anata eigo cho-umai!(your English is very well.)".We tried this ,1,2times.It's very funny and I want to try more with Millie.After hunting,we had a dinner in Meg's house.We had a great dinner and music.Then I bought Meg's CD"Driving with you."I like it very much.And now,I listen always.And after dinner ,we went Millie's friend's home.They are very kindly.When I go to Vancouver again(maybe next year) I want to meet that family.Next, We went to "taicondou(sorry Millie I forgot this spell...) "It's very hard but very cool! I want to try in Japan ,but I can't find this class yet.

And after sport, we went to "dancing club "with Millie's friends; Cory, Kevin, Tara and Samien. It's very cool and Millie's friends are very nice guys.I want to go club with this number again next year! We did dancing dancing dancing and drinking drinking! (Millie didn't drink at all..)We are young!!!!

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~~ Melissa said...

Wonderful report, Ayako! I think you're a better blogger than Steve is. ;-)