Friday, October 07, 2005

Ayako Explores Calgary

After Ayako san had a well-deserved sleep, I picked her up at Geeta's and we took the LRT (Light Rail Transit) to Calgary's city centre.

Even though Calgary has had some cold weather lately, we managed to find some flowers still in bloom.

I took Ayako to the Calgary Tower so she could get a view of the whole city at once.

We both had the 'Tower Club Sandwich' in the revolving restaurant. Just after we sat down, Ayako san asked: "Is room moving?" When I affirmed that it was she looked very relieved. "Oh, I thought maybe just still too tired from flight."

I have noticed a special glow about Ayako since she's been in Canada, and now I think I know why. I think she's in love. I caught her with her arm around one of our favorite Canadians, the Beaver. Ayako's father would approve I think. He's a dentist. Just look at that tooth!

While we were touring the City, I got a call from my old friend Malcome. He had a car for sale at a great price. So the next thing we knew, we were whisked away to get a safety inspection. So here I am with my new car. It's a 1985 Lincoln Town Car. It runs great.

Then it was a trip to the Supermarket so Ayako could get some treats for her friends and family. She was very excited to find that Safeway carries 'Hamutaro' spaghetti. He's a very popular cartoon character in Japan.

Perhaps the real reason for Ayako to be looking so happy here, is this Thai amulet. My very dear friend Jookie sent me some special amulets for Thailand, a few weeks ago. They have been blessed by the monks. I gave this one to Ayako san to give her the luck of the Buddha and to keep her safe in her travels. This amulet will have been all around the world by the time she returns to Japan.

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