Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ayako Meets The Queen

For those of Ayako's friends in Japan who thinks she is just another tourist in Canada, think again. On Friday, October 7th,

Ayako san was not only at the most famous hotel in the world, she actually met the Queen of Canada.

I don't think there is a Canadian who does not know Miss Canadiana; Camille Turner. When we saw her in the lobby of the Banff Springs Hotel, she graciously agreed to have her picture taken with Ayako san. For more information on our wonderful ambassador you can go to the site:'

This is the main lobby of the Hotel. It was built when the first Railway came across Canada and is still considered one of the most beautiful places in the World.

This is Ayako san showing me a comparison of the Samurai warrior to the knights of Canada.

We even stumbled upon some newlyweds in the middle of a photo shoot.

Our next stop was Lake Louise. The lake is emerald green and extremely cold since it was created from glaciers. This is one of the most famous views in Canada.

One of Ayako san's dreams was to eat a buffalo burger. We went to a restaurant called 'The Grizzly House'. Once we got there, I realized how they got the name. It must refer to the prices. The closest thing we could afford was a meal of Buffalo sausage for $22.00 . I just ordered a six ounce strip steak and that still cost $25. When the waiter returned with the meals he told us he was very sorry. The Chef had accidentally prepared a buffalo steak instead of beef. He begged us to
accept the forty-four dollar meal instead; at the same cost of course. so I switched plates with Ayako san and she had a chance to try the best buffalo meal available. We agreed it must be the luck of the Buddha.

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