Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ayako Visits Canada

Last February, when I arrived in Thailand, I took a trip to The Bridge on the River Kwai, in Kanchanaburi. It was there that I met Ayako.

She was only on our tour for three hours before we split up, but we kept in touch a bit by email. She asked me a couple of months ago if I would show her around Calgary if she came to Canada.

Today I met her at the airport and drove her to my friend, Geeta's, so she would have a place to stay while she visits.

I have only known Geeta a short time, but we hit it off like old friends, so when I mentioned Ayako san was coming, Geeta generously offered her a place to sleep.

Ayako san surprised us by bringing many gifts for me and for Geeta and her children. She brought me a very expensive Saki from her father. Thank you yoshihiro san for your generous gift. You are too kind.
The next thing we knew, she was creating origami swans and flowers for the children. Ayako had not slept in two days but all she could think of was how to show her gratitude for helping her with her stay in Canada.

After she had a chance to have a shower and settle in, I took Ayako san to meet my Construction partner, Ted. They became fast friends.

We introduced her to Canadian food by taking her to Ricky's Restaurant where she enjoyed the novelty of a knife and fork. The Manager even came over and introduced herself. Anna is Chinese but her daughter speaks Japanese so Anna and Ayako exchanged email addresses.
Finally at about 10pm I drove Ayako back to Geeta's so she could get some well earned sleep. Tomorrow we will do a walking tour of the City centre.


~~ Melissa said...

Welcome Ayako!

J.P. said...

from Steve's mom.

Hayato Ayako's friend in Japan. said...

nice to meet you Steven!!
My neme is Hayato.
I'm Ayako's friend in Japan.
We study at the same university.
Ayako told me this URL.

actually, I stayed in Toronto for a month on last Augusut.
I went to Niagara falls.
It was amazing.
I will never forget that experience.
I really had a good time in canada.

so, I want Ayako to enjoy staying in canada same as me.
and I hope her will come back to Japan safely.

see you !!

Steven said...

Hayato san, Very nice to meet you too. Yes, Niagra Falls is very beautiful. I'm glad you like Canada. Ayako san is here with right now and she is very happy that you wrote. Arigatto.

Anonymous said...

I'm ayako.
Thank you for everyone comment.I like Canada very much,and enjoy Canada very very much!Every Canadians are very kindly.If I go to Canada again,I want to stay one month.So I have to study English and eran much money !I'm going to Vancouver on monday by bus.I'm look forward to going to there.

suzumasa said...

Hi! nice to meet you Steven!
Sorry about poor English☆
I'm Masato. But everyone call me "suzumasa".So please call me suzumasa.
I'm also Ayako's friend and study together. She introduced this Blog to me.

Ayako and everyone smiles in your photos. She looks very happy and Everyone looks very kind. Canada must be good place, I feel from these photos.

I hope Ayako and everyone could make wondelful memories in there and She told us Its!!

See you, Ayako and Steven.