Thursday, September 29, 2005

Life is the Journey; Not the Lesson

I was writing to my dear friend, Emily, in Victoria. A good friend of hers, who is a Buddhist Nun, has been staying with her. I wrote to Emily just now.

"Your meetings with your Buddhist friend stirs something in me, Em. It keeps reminding me not to get side-tracked on my journey. There is so much I want to explore. I am just like you. I feel very comfortable in the same place, creating my inner world. In many ways, I have no desire to travel. But I know there is something I need to do. I know the journey is always within, but a wise woman told me a few years ago: Why be in the physical world if you don't live in it. I used to think the reason for being here was to learn from our experiences. Now I think the reason we are here is just to experience. I leave it to Soul to understand. I am here as a Traveller on a voyage on this planet; like an alien who wants to drink of the experience of this world at it's deepest levels. Not to judge it or figure it out; just live it. That is the freedom I seek in this life. "

Rachael sent me this picture NASA took with the Hubble telescope, called "The Eye of God".

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Bozoette said...

I love that photo.