Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Private Eyes 2

The new PI Office team made great progress today.

While I continued with the doors and baseboards, Dan, the owner, put his office staff to work painting the whole place.

Christa is the receptionist for the firm. She's a pretty good painter but I think she's got a promising career in Vegas as a comedian if she gets tired of answering the phone.

Pina continued to lead the team with the finish coats of painting.

Frazer is our tree topper guy. He has been doing the cutting in for the paint. He doesn't use a ladder.

The whole crew is a delight to work with. That's Sheena in the back next to Frazer. She's our Primer specialist.
Other than the fact that I haven't seen daylight for seven days, it's really been a joy working with all you guys.


~~ Melissa said...

It's looking good there! Is Fraser really that much taller than everyone else (as he appears in the final photo)?

Steven said...

Empress: Thanks! Fraser IS really that tall. Dan thought Fraser could make a fortune as a painter who doesn't need a ladder. We suggested he call himself: 'Friendly Giant Painting'.