Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Private Eyes

It seems that all my skills as a renovator have come together in the last little while. I never thought of myself as a taper, but when a Private Investigator asked me to help him put his offices together I decided to give it a try.

I took this picture at 9pm the other night as I was finishing putting the mud on the walls. Jookie in Thailand, asked me what taping was. I told her it's what we use to finish drywall. Then she wanted to know what drywall was.

So I hope this gives you some idea, Jookie.

Pina, (Pronounced 'Pee-nah' is the office administrator for the Private Investigation firm, and a very skilled renovator. She is one of staff who helped put this complex together. The whole job will take me 7 days to complete, including gyprocking, taping and finishing carpentry. It's easy to focus on work here in Calgary when I have no distractions.

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