Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Saga Of Geeta

It is such a joy to work on Geeta's Basement. She is more enthusiastic every day.

She set out several paint samples on the wall to help her make up her mind.

Once the colors were chosen, my partner in crime, Mr Ted Heller, set about making Geeta's vision a reality. Ted likes to play classical music while he paints and he keeps time with the roller.

By this afternoon we were all getting pretty excited about the progress.

As for me, I got to sample some of Geeta's chicken curie. The flavor was great and it was just hot enough to be enjoyable without making my tongue dial the fire department.

Geeta's such a sweetie pie. She told us that with all the changes happening in her life right now she doesn't think she could have had anyone else but us working on her place. All three of us agree with the philosophy that people meet at exactly the right time and place. I could not have asked for a better environment in which to work. Thank you very much Geeta.

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~~ Melissa said...

How is that you are spoiled wherever you go? It is a universal law that tempts us all that way or what?