Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jude's Tibet

Jude is a lovely woman I met while travelling in Thailand in February. She is a teacher from Britain who is on an 18 month assignment, teaching English in China.

She sent me some pictures from her recent trip to Tibet. I told her how much this place means to me so she sent these pictures to inspire (tease) me. I know I have to go there (again). This is her at a carpet factory.

She is posing here next to the Yarlung Valley.

Jude has an infectious smile which must have made it very easy for these children to respond to.

When I see this picture of the Potala Palace, I get the strongest sense of deja' vu.

Jude loves China and the people of China, but she told me a poinient story about the political climate as it effects the Tibetan culture. She wrote:
"It is a fabulous place, so beautiful - in fact I think it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. That is just in terms of scenery, although the culture and people are fascinating too. The sad thing is how the Chinese government is trying to kill the Tibetan culture off - the Chinese street names, Beijing time although it's 3 time zones out, building horrendous communist style monuments outside key Tibetan monuments, imposing the language and education... awful. I am interested in the Free Tibet campaign now, although of course all the websites are blocked so I may have to wait. "China" is great in China, but not when it is imposed on another country like that."
Jude is not able to see my blog in China. I have to send it as a word file to her email address.


~~ Melissa said...

I can feel the Dali Lama calling Jude from here....

That palace is incredible.

J.P. said...

That hillside scene is so familiar from my dreams.
So mystical.

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