Friday, May 20, 2005

Spring Therapy

My Mom is impressive. She just returned from eight days in one of the busiest Cities in the World; London England; and the next day she was up shopping, making lists and working on her garden.

We went to Home Depot where she picked up a lilac bush for her back yard which I dug in for her.

Here is Mom, resting for a moment by her two pals, Phyl and Bob. And between the two geese is one of my favorite symbols; a hummingbird. That's right Hummingbird. I'm not in England. I'm right here in Waterloo.

Then I installed the brackets for a Canadian Flag at the front of the house.

I enjoy working with my Mom in this beautiful Spring weather. It's good therapy for me while I decide what I want to do next. I will probably just go back to carpentry for now. But I got such encouraging feedback from my Blog that I am looking seriously at doing some professional writing. I especially want to thank Somsoc in Ohio and Kitty in Cape Cod for your kind suggestions.

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somsoc said...

You're very welcome. Imagine being a world traveler and writing about your experiences. Anyone who knows the royal family as well as you do, shouldn't have any trouble getting a job.