Thursday, May 19, 2005

Home From Britain

I decided to stay here in Waterloo and leave the Queen to carry on with her visit to Saskatchewan's Canada. Sorry Liz but my Mom needs me more.

Queen Elizabeth II, followed by Chief Alphonse Bird, walks past a group of young natives as she visits the First Nation University in Regina. Canada has given the Queen the Bird while Ottawa sorts out who will govern the country.

Meanwhile back in Waterloo, I made a delicious breakfast as I awaited the return of my faithful companions. Mmm. Have you ever seen a meal like this?

As I was eating, I glanced out my window just in time to see a mourning dove enjoying our back yard. The cast iron image happens to also be a mourning dove. Just a coincidence? I think not.

The flowers are just starting to bloom here in Mom's front garden.

Finally, at about 4pm Wednesday, I heard a the frantic ringing of the doorbell as the weary travelers arrived. Squiddy and Melbatoasty were up since 1am this morning so they could catch their plane.

I took Melbah to her home, a few blocks away.
I rushed up to her door just as her daughter answered. Welcome back from England you two! It's great to be united again. They told me the beauty of London was overwhelming. I look forward to reading their blogs.

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Bozoette said...

The only thing missing from that breakfast is bacon. mmmm....