Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sign Of The Thais

I love reading signs. They tell you so much about the culture. Here are a few I saw in Thailand that made me smile.

I saw this one a lot. The caption over the little guy's head is: "Clean food Good Taste". In Thailand they don't have the same food inspection standards as we do in Canada. So you can imagine that telling us that their food not only tastes good but is 'clean' could be a selling point.

This sign really sums up the beauty of the Thai philosophy. You are not in the right place here; you ARE the right place.

I found this sign everywhere. When I would tell the store owner that it was supposed to read: 'Overseas' she would just smile and ask what country I wanted to call.

I stayed in a Hotel in Chiang Mai that has this notice on the wall of each bathroom in all 28 rooms. The owners had it proofread by a Dutchman who spoke English as his second language.

I enjoyed this sign at a Bangkok Hotel because of the enticement. No mosquito is safe tonight!

Now this sign is very enthusiastic but didn't Pizza places already win that battle?

This sign hangs in front of an office in Phuket. I never found out what the doctor does, but it sounds painful. I'm glad he has that room available just in case.

This is my favorite sign of all the ones I saw in Thailand.
Here's a close up of the sign.

They really understand the idea of having a good time in that wonderful country. Thank you Dodee's Thailand for capturing this photo. I only saw it for a fleeting moment while riding on the Sky Train in Bangkok.


Bozoette said...

Did you and Squiddy hatch a plan to post sign pictures today?? Doesn't matter; they're wonderful.

~~ Melissa said...

Ah, good old Dr. Pornsak...LOL.