Tuesday, May 10, 2005

On Our Way To Britain

You may have noticed some silly antics in (Melbah Toasty's Blog) lately regarding my adventures in Thailand.

Melissa and I have been having a slight disagreement but we decided to be more mature and shook hands in good faith as we promised to stop these shenanigans and get down to some serious Blogging.

We developed this mature attitude from Mom, who showed us the benefits of acting our age.Now that Melissa has finally come to her senses, I think that our readers can rest assured that that what you read on our Blogs will be the truth and nothing but the truth.

So it's off to England for the three of us. I was surprised to find myself invited on this trip so soon after arriving home from Thailand but I decided, what the heck! Pip pip, cheerio. Let's cross the pond!

Mel and Gary had a last goodbye hug before we headed off.

Don't argue Mike! We're all going to England, now just drive! When we arrive, I'll be sure to give you full reports of our adventures.

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Anonymous said...

hey Stevie... so nice that you are getting full use out of the passport. Tell your mom not to worry...I'm taking good care of the house while she's gone...ummmm was that carousel horse important? I'm pretty sure it can be repaired..