Thursday, May 12, 2005

We Have Arrived In England

We arrived safe and sound at our Hotel, The Kensington Close Hotel.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived is how fast-paced everything is. If I were going to use one word to describe it here I would say it's 'nuts'.

The Kensington Close, or the 'Ken' as I call it, is quite a respectable place, and it should be at these prices!

This is my room. It's very comfortable but I really didn't need such a big bed. I'm not expecting company. I ordered some tea to help me sleep but I found I was too wound up, so I went for a quick tour.

This is Kimbersari who I met when I went to see how the pool was. The water felt fine but I decided to wait before swimming.

This is Vicky. I asked her why she was dressed this way but she seemed intent on her phone call so I just left her alone. Now I'm just taking in the ambiance of London as I use this Internet cafe. The keyboard is strange and it is very expensive so I can't stay online long. I just hope Melissa stops napping and starts working on her blog. I'll give a better report tomorrow when we start our tour. This is Stevie with the Reel story on London. Pip pip.


~~ Melissa said...

For a minute there I thought you had the wrong photos (we have twin beds) but then I saw the picture of me in my swim suit and knew it was all accurate.

So, how you doing Steve Ono? hee hee hee.

Steven said...

P.melissa: Oh there you are! Finally. Have a good nap? Isn't it wonderful to be here in London Mel? Now let's see who has the more interesting day tomorrow. (Yoko says hi...)

Anonymous said...

So Stevie, there you are. funny we missed you--you must be in the steerage section, no matter what the pictures would suggest.
All Brits seem to smoke and talk on cell phones every minute.
We're awash with culture and history and loving every minute.
Mercifully your sister doesn't snore.