Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Monkey's Birthday Celebration: Mar28

It was Toi's Birthday on March 27th. My travelling buddy, Dennis nicknamed her 'Monkey' because she is always getting into monkey business, so now that's what a lot of us call her.

Toi is a top Sales Representative for Panasonic, here in Bangkok. She is originally from Khon Kaen, in Northern Thailand where her mother and father live. You can see 'Nu' and 'Sit' in the stories I did last week in that City. She is fluent in Thai, Japanese and English and is rapidly learning Turkish and a few other languages.

I asked Toi if there was something she would like me to pass on to the many readers of this Blog. She said: "no matter if you're having a tough day or a good one, it's important to smile every day." She is a shining example of this philosophy. Monkey always has a smile on her face and she makes everyone feel good just being around her. She also wants you to know that if you've written her and she hasn't replied, "please forgive me. I am swamped with work in my new job but am looking forward to writing you back".

Jook and her good friend 'Boi' invited me to come along for the celebration so we all headed to the Central Plaza for some Sukiyaki cooking at the MK Restaurant. We went out a day late because Monkey was out of town working on her birthday.

Then it was off to a karaoke studio to sing and dance to some of our favorite songs. And yes, they made me sing: "When I go out with the girls I dress a little too sexy..." (See Khon Kaen Karaoke for the entire humiliation).

When the evening was over we gave Monkey a special birthday present. She squealed with excitement to have her own stuffed monkey and he has been her constant companion ever since. Happy Birthday Monkey! Sawadee Cup from all of us!


Bozoette said...

I like the way Monkey thinks!

pmelissa said...

Happy Birthday Monkey

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Monkey.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Monkey.
You smile lights up the world.

Brother Scott

Anonymous said...

OK, I meant YOUR smile, not you smile.

Brother Scott,
the spelling genius

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Monkey