Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thai McDonald's: Mar27

After visiting One of the most ancient Cities in the world; Ayutthaya, I asked Jook to take me for some authentic Thai food to balance out this wonderful experience.

So we took the Bangkok Sky train to the Central Plaza in Bangkok where we stopped for (dinner) at McDonald's.

I decided it was time to get a Thai perspective on the most successful Fast Food franchise in the world so I asked my dear friend Jook to help me out.

Okay Jookie, what is your impression of Ronald Mcdonald? "Velly goood. It is a good adaptation for Thailand; 'Sawadee Caww' to greet the veezitor to reestont." Then we ordered. It was so much fun to watch the cashier explain the purpose of the sauce for the chicken McNuggets to Jook. When we've gone for Thai food she has just ordered and I've stood there like a big dumb buffalo. Now for the first time, I was in the driver's seat.

When they told her that little foil package was to dip those deep fried chunks in, she squinted her eyes and looked at the guy as if he was from Mars.

Okay, I tried the fries. Oh My God! They taste just like the fries in Canada. And The Coke? Very good. My mom wanted to know what they change in the Thailand menu here at McDonalds to appeal to the culture. Well Mom, they have a greater variety of drinks and they have a Pork Burger.
And how about price? I had a Big Mac, large fries and a coke. Jook ordered Chicken McNuggets, fries and an Orange drink. Total cost 168 baht. At 30 baht per Canadian dollar that works out to $5.60 . Is that good Kathy?

The tray liner advertised a spicy chicken burger for 19 baht. Jook read the Thai caption under the picture. Jook said: "It translates exactly to: 'super delicious'."

Jook tried her McNuggets. Fine but no big deal
But now the definitive test. What do Thais think of the Big Mac?

Hold it up please Jook. Thank you. I took a bite. The beef patties are thinner than in Canada but otherwise, very much the same taste.
But what does a Buddhist think of the Big Mac. Jook?
"Velly Goot."
"Would you eat one yourself?"
"Why not?"
"Too beek."


Anonymous said...

If you find a Burger King I'll be right there.
Perhaps they would serve French fried grasshoppers on a bun. Yum.

Gary Will said...

Hi Steve! Finally ... something I understand! Price is about half of what it is here. And the other differences in the menu -- going by what I can see in the photo -- is that there is no Quarter Pounder there. We can only imagine what their reaction would be to the Double Quarter Pounder and the Double Big Mac that we have in Canada. I always enjoy seeing your blogs!


Steven said...

J.P.:You asked for it. I'm going to be around a Burger King on Saturday. Junior Cheeseburger and a medium diet Coke? See you there!
(And don't worry about the grasshoppers. Joy will take the legs off for you.)

Steven said...

gary:Keen observation. That's right; No Quarter Pounder. And you know why? 'Way too Beek'.

Anonymous said...

velly good price Stevie.. here the same thing would have cost you... about... calculating.... $11.10 unless you used the two can dine for $7.99 coupons in which case, with tax, it would be $8.54

but I'm with Jook on this... Big Mac too beek... I don't eat them either...

and they don't have those revouling buritto things you like so much do they???

I'm going to print off this chapter and post it at work